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Doctor Recommended

Doctor Recommended

Because of its natural concentration, great taste and medical research, thousands of doctors, dietitians and healthcare professionals have already recommended Revival Soy to patients who can benefit from adding soy protein and soy isoflavones to their daily diets.


"Revival Soy products are nutritious, tasty alternatives to meat and HAVE REDUCED SOME OF THE DISCOMFORTS OF MENOPAUSE FOR MY PATIENTS"
- A Luther, MD, Winston-Salem, North Carolina


"I HIGHLY RECOMMEND REVIVAL. Revival Soy Protein provides 20 grams of non-genetically modified soy protein plus isoflavones, and they do not have the chalky taste or texture that many soy foods have; in fact, they are quite delicious"
- Carrie Carter, MD, San Diego, California


"Thanks to Revival, A PROTEIN IS FINALLY AVAILABLE THAT NOT ONLY TASTES WONDERFUL BUT ALSO PROVIDES THE NOURISHMENT IT PROMISES. With many interesting flavors to choose from, those previously unwilling to experiment are given an inviting, satisfaction-guaranteed opportunity to do so."
- Susan K., Nutritionist, Bellmore, New York

"My doctor told me to order Revival only – because it's the best on the market. My hot flashes have "slowed down" since beginning these wonderful shakes. Thanks for a great product." – Mary Beth H.

"When my doctor gave me a sample of Revival two months ago, I thought, 'oh sure, another "yucky" powdery drink.’ I thought I'd try it and was surprised by how wonderful it tasted! Thanks to your research experts for formulating Revival." – Marian G.

"I found out about Revival from my physician who gave me samples. Thanks again for your product." – Jane K.