Revival Soy Pasta
  • Each pasta bag is 12 ounces in size.
  • 100% Great Taste Guarantee™. Not sold in stores.
  • Revival Soy enhances the enjoyment of pasta by adding the nutritional benefit of soy to a variety of pasta shapes perfect for any occasion.
  • Twice the protein and 25% fewer carbs than regular pasta
  • Same great taste and texture as regular pasta
  • Each serving contains 8g of soy protein (14 g total)
  • All pasta meets the FDA's criteria for heart-healthy soy foods. Learn more
  • Spaghetti Soy Pasta

    Spaghetti Soy Pasta

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    This standard pasta shape of Neapolitan kitchens offers the same authentic flavor and texture of traditional Italian Spaghetti with the added health benefits of soy.


Revival Soy Pasta