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Revival Soy's origins stem from a common need that grew into an innovative concept.

Menopause's early stages crept up on Suzanne Tabor, who couldn't find relief from hot flashes, night sweats and discomforts so many women experience around the age of 50. Looking for a solution, she contacted her son, Dr. Aaron Tabor, then a medical student, who began researching through the wealth of resources available to him.

Studies focusing on Asian women's lower rates of hot flashes shaped the path Revival Soy would eventually take. This pattern appeared to correlate with diets high in soy (up to six servings per day), results showed, and in response, Dr. Tabor and Suzanne took nearly two years to fine-tune the process for Revival Soy's first product.

The naturally-concentrated process brings the protein and isoflavones found in about six cups of a typical soy milk into a single shake - with a low glycemic index and with ~90 percent less fat and fewer calories.

Great-tasting products meeting recommended amounts for soy isoflavone and protein consumption keep Revival Soy ahead in a growing industry. Check out our delicious products and start enjoying the benefits of Revival Soy.  learn more here.