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Low-Glycemic "Smart Carb"

Revival Brings the Added Benefits of Soy Protein to Any Popular Diet

Low-Glycemic Smart Carb Revival Soy A study by leading glycemic-index experts at University of Sydney in Australia, funded by Physicians Laboratories, found that popular Revival Soy products have a low-glycemic index with little impact on blood sugar levels.1 This is important news for anyone on a "smart-carb" or "low-carb" diet, concerned about their blood sugar spikes, or those concerned about weight loss.

According to the University of Sydney, the benefits of a "low-glycemic index" diet are numerous including weight loss, reduced hunger cravings, and improved energy levels.2

Because soy protein has a low-glycemic index, it won't cause a rapid rise in blood sugar levels after consumption, compared to glucose.3

For those new to glycemic index science, it is simply a measurement of how carbohydrates in a dietary food impact blood sugar levels. "High-glycemic index" products, like white bread, have carbs that are rapidly digested and absorbed, thus resulting in sharp increases in blood sugar levels. "Low-glycemic index" products, like soy protein, have carbs that are slowly digested and absorbed, thus producing minimal rises in blood sugar.

In summary, combining Revival Soy protein shakes with exercise and a healthy diet is a powerful, simple way to feel full and satisfied, and lose weight.


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