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Protein-packed Revival for energy & exercise*

Whether you need more energy to keep up with a busy schedule, your daily work-out or to simply enjoy life, soy protein may support better energy levels by providing protein as a calorie source.

Soy protein has key nutritional qualities that support energy levels, stamina, and sports performance (better lean muscle mass, endurance and recovery time).1-6

Soy can improve your energy

Soy protein is rich in "branched-chain amino acids" which the body can burn as "fuel" to produce energy.

As a complete protein, soy helps to build and maintain lean muscle mass.

Suggested Usage: Enjoy 1 naturally-concentrated (6x) Revival protein shake per day with a good multivitamin.  energy). Regular daily consumption is important for achieving all of soy's potential benefits..

Leading Experts Who Recommend Revival Soy

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